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10th Anniversary of the Joint Program School of Mathematical Sciences, Jiangsu University
Date:2022-06-24  View:

On June 18, the 10th anniversary development forum of Sino-foreign cooperative education of the school of mathematical sciences was held in the lecture hall of Jiangsu University.

The meeting is conducted in a hybrid mode with offline and online synchronous live broadcasting. Arcadia provost and senior vice president for Academic Affairs Jeffrey Ruttenbeck, president Tao Tang of Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College, president Xiaohong Yan of Jiangsu University, vice presidents Lixin Tian and Hong Chen, professor Jinhui Lin of Xiamen University, who is the chairman of the China Association of Higher Education on Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education, vice director Ru Yixian of the Foreign Cooperation and Exchange Division of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education attend this celebratory event. The conference was hosted by vice president Chen Hong.

The Sino-foreign cooperative education project of the School of Mathematical Sciences of Jiangsu University has a high construction platform. In 2017, it was approved as a high-level demonstration construction program cultivation site for the Sino-foreign cooperative education in Jiangsu Province. In 2019, it was also approved as a Sino-foreign cooperation research platform in Jiangsu Province, and won the first batch of national first-class undergraduate specialty construction sites. It passed the assessment of high-level demonstration construction projects for Sino-foreign cooperative education in Jiangsu Province in 2020. In 2022, the Ministry of Education approved increasing the enrollment scale of the project from 30 to 60.

The president, Xiaohong Yan, affirmed the achievements of the Sino-foreign cooperative education program of the School of Mathematical Sciences, and pointed out that the key to the success of the program is high-quality development and high standards of joint construction and sharing. He hoped that the students of the international mathematics class should establish an open vision, adhere to lifelong learning, actively absorb the newest ideas and culture, and strive to grow into internationally competitive individuals with an international perspective and global competence.

The Arcadia provost and senior vice president for Academic Affairs, Jeffrey Ruttenbeck pointed out that the program has deepened the partnership between the two universities, and fulfilled the mission of providing unique and extraordinary global opportunities for students. He hoped to carry out in-depth cooperation in training students and strengthening exchanges between teachers and staff.

The vice director, Ru Yixian, congratulated on the achievements of the school's mathematics Sino-foreign cooperation program and hoped that the program could achieve further development in international exchanges and cooperation.

The dean of the school of Mathematical Sciences, Zhitao Zhang, comprehensively summarized the achievements in discipline construction, innovative talent training, and social benefits in the past ten years of the Sino-foreign cooperative education program of the School of Mathematical Sciences, and also put forward the future development plan of the program.

Several awards were announced at the event:

l Outstanding Contribution Award: Dianchen Lu, a professor at Jiangsu University, and Dr. Xizhong Zheng, Ph.D., professor of Computer Science and Mathematics at Arcadia.

l Outstanding Teaching Team: a teaching team led by Houqing Fang, a professor at Jiangsu University.

l 2022 Student Pine-Knight Award: Gold: Yannan Niu; Silver: Long Ling; Bronze: Lindong Liu.

Congratulatory letters from some universities, such as Columbia University and Washington University in St. Louis, as well as blessing videos and congratulatory letters from teachers and students of Sino-foreign cooperation programs were also displayed.

The celebration also featured two invited presentations. Tao Tang, a professor and president of the United International College of Beijing Normal University and Hong Kong Baptist University, gave a talk titled, “Fusion of Chinese and Western: Through the Present and the Past--New Type of Internationalization Education of UIC.” Jinhui Lin, a professor and director of the Research Center of Sino-Foreign Joint Programs at Xiamen University, gave a talk about “The Development Situation and Policy Trends of Sino-foreign Joint Programs.

More than 200 university administrators, faculty, students, alumni, and students’parents participated in the celebratory event, including over 50 who took part online from China, the U.S. and other countries. (School of Mathematical Sciences, International Office)

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