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"Academic 8 Minutes" Speech Contest
Date:2019-12-06  View:

Our faculty is going to hold an eight-minute academic speech contest.

The competition consists of two categories: the scientific research group and the popular science group.

The scientific research group can report your own or others' scientific research results or papers briefly, while the popular science group is to introduce social problems related to your individual disciplines and express your own views and understandings.

You are warmly welcomed to this contest.

You are supposed to give a 10-minute report, followed by a 2-minute question-and-answer session, which will be scored by experts. And remember:

1. The topic of the speech should be related to the second-level discipline, to which the contestants belong, and shall not go beyond the first-level discipline.

2. Participants in the scientific research group shall give priority to academic content; participants in the popular science group can focus on exciting science.

3. Participants in the contest should submit the abstract and relevant references in electronic format to the organizing committee of the "academic 8 minutes" contest. At the same time, you shall also submit the presentation documents (PPT format) for the presentation of the report.

4. The content of the abstract should include the topic and main content of the speech, and the form shall be the same as the abstract of the general paper.

The deadline for registration is 11pm on Dec. 16th.

Please send email to with the subject of [major + name + student id + grade + registration subject of academic speech contest + mobile phone number] and the content of [abstract required for the competition + references + compressed files for PPT ].

Competition time: 9am on Dec.18th

Address: room206,Faculty of Science

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