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Sino-foreign cooperative education - American teacher and student parents exchange meeting held
Date:2019-05-28  View:

At 2 pm on May 21, a special teacher exchange meeting was held in Room 206 of the College of Science. Ms. Janice Finn, deputy director of the International Department of Acadia University, and other three teachers and many families of students enrolled in 2017 studying mathematics and applied mathematics (Chinese-foreign cooperation) who are going to study in the United States have conducted in-depth exchanges and communication on issues such as study and life.

At the exchange meeting, the foreign teacher, Ms. Janice, introduced the parents in detail to the parents in the first few weeks of their arrival in the United States, from phone cards, bank cards, insurance, to weekly classes, to holidays. Activity arrangements, etc. For children's major concerns about the safety and convenience of children living abroad, children's future academic planning issues. Ms. Janice made it clear that it is very safe to study at Acadia University, regardless of the location of the school or the management of the school. Professor Zheng and Professor Ni of Acadia University answered how students studying at Acadia University will plan their future studies, and introduce the employment destination after graduation and how to apply for graduate students from foreign famous schools. Valuable advice.

After more than two hours of communication, parents have eliminated concerns about safety. A total of 17 students from the Sino-foreign cooperative school will apply to study at Acadia University.

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