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Academician Lin Qun from the Chinese Academy of Sciences came to teach undergraduate students in our school
Date:2019-04-18  View:

On the morning of April 11, the Chinese Academy of Sciences academician, mathematician, researcher of the Institute of Mathematics and Systems Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and doctoral tutor Lin Qun, in the enthusiastic cheers and applause of the students of the College of Excellence, went deep into the first-line classroom of undergraduate students. The 2018 undergraduate brings a feast of calculus. The entire teaching process was presided over by Dean Sun Mei of the School of Science.

In the classroom, Academician Lin started with the case of the speed and distance of the high-speed rail, telling how to find the instantaneous speed, and further getting the basic formula of calculus, making the complicated calculus simple and interesting. Although Lin’s lectures were only a short lesson, his profound narrative and humorous language made the students’ eyes wide open, and the applause laughed one after another. After the lecture, Lin Academician also had a cordial conversation with the students and took a group photo.

The event benefited the students and also gave students a keen interest in calculus.

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