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Nicolas Guay副教授报告会
发布日期:2022-06-29  浏览:

Title: Yangians for classical Lie superalgebras

Abstract: Yangians are quantum groups that play a role in theoretical physics and exhibit an interesting representation theory. Those that have been studied the most are attached to semisimple Lie algebras. I will give an overview of what is known about Yangians attached to certain classical Lie superalgebras.

Zoom link:  https://ualberta-ca.zoom.us/j/98129565762?pwd=L1BxazlwOFlVWjdkQ3FxbmhFUlUwQT09

Passcode: Yangian

Time: 2pm (Beijing, Shanghai time) on Thursday, June 30

Speaker: Nicolas Guay, Associate professor at the University of Alberta

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